A Strong Woman's Guide to Retiring on her own terms!

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    “Time to Refine is Jessica’s latest gift for women. Jessica’s thesis is that many women view retirement as a part of their future lives. Instead, she implores women to embrace the reality that they are always actively living in a retirement stage of life.”

    Tara McKenzie Gilvar

    What's Time to Refine All About?

    When it’s all up to you, it’s hard to make a decision!

    You’ve been so busy saving money, now what?

    Are you terrified you’ll mess it all up?

    Most women come to me towards the end of the working career with money but no idea what it means. They want to know what the magic number is...how much do they need to have in the bank to retire! Do you know your magic number?

    Jessica takes you on a journey to build out your dream retirement with proven strategies to save you money and find your magic number with a fun and refreshing perspective!